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Shoshana is a minor animal character in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, kept as a pet by Set Roth in 1961.


Shoshana is a hybrid creature, consisting of the head of a Siamese cat with the torso and limbs of a Squirrel monkey. The head originally belonged to the ship's cat of the Eva's Hammer, whom Set Roth found hunting for rats in the engine room; the body was that of a Squirrel monkey Set found chewing on a blasting cap in Belize. The cat was suffering from terminal bowel cancer and as Set had grown attached to it he endeavoured to transfer its head onto the body of the brain-dead but otherwise healthy monkey.

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  • In terms of her narrative role, Shoshana serves to foreshadow the head transplant performed on B.J. Blazkowicz at the beginning of the second act of the story, by setting a precedent for Set having the anatomical knowledge and surgical competence required to perform such a complicated and risky operation with limited resources.
  • On the shooting range scoreboards, Shoshana has the fastest killing house time, having cleared it in seventeen seconds. Only Blazkowicz equipped with the constrictor harness gadget is able to beat this time.[1]
  • Shoshana is shown changing TV channels in one of the early trailers for the game.
  • A picture of Shoshanna can be found in the catacombs of Wolfenstein: Youngblood.