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The OSA M1S Snooper Rifle is an experimental sniper rifle created by the American army for OSA operation and against infiltration tactics. It is equipped with a internal suppressor and an infrared sniper scope for an active night vision sight depicting a green-and-white image, with the IR projector at the bottom of the rifle. It fires .30 caliber ammunition. The maximum that can be held at once is 15 rounds (5 in the magazine and 10 in reserve). Being an allied weapon, ammunition is not dropped by any enemy and should be used sparingly.

The rifle can one-shot-kill any normal soldier. However, it is not as effective against armored targets, such as flamethrower soldiers and x-creatures. It should also not be used against the Undead, as it doesn't do the same amount of damage on them that it does on humans. The rifle also has a low rate of fire and not recommended for extended fights in the open.

Single Player[]

This weapon is obtained in the first level of Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance. On later missions, the Snooper rifle is one of B.J.'s starting weapons. The ammunition is very rare throughout the game and can be found in the secret areas.


This weapon is not available in multiplayer.


  • The suppressor is remarkably small for the rifle, it could be using internal suppressor, though it is more likely that the weapon artists modeled after the real-world M3 Carbine's flash hider.
  • The world and view model lack the suppressor attachment; the world model also lacks the IR projector.
  • In real life, the M1/M2 Carbine was designed to be used in close range combat, rather than to be used as a sniper rifle. The cartridge it used in real life was questioned by some for being "not powerful enough", rather than "very powerful" in game, as the weapon in game uses the ubiquitous .30 caliber ammo, presumably .30-06. However, the M3 Carbine did feature a infrared scope similar to the Snooper, and as it was based on the fully automatic M2 it could overcome the comparably anemic performance of the .30 carbine round by delivering automatic bursts.
  • So far the Snooper rifle is the only one in the series that equipped with IR optics.
  • The IR optic is unique as it has a projector at the bottom, most early stage IR optic has its projector at the top of the scope.
  • When looking through the scope, there is a vertical bar on the left side of the screen which gets smaller and changes from red to green if you hold still or move very slowly. The smaller the bar is, the greater your accuracy. When you first look through the scope, the bar is completely filled, making this weapon a poor choice for rapid aiming and firing.
  • The Snooper does only 25 damage per shot but it has special multipliers against most enemies, so it ends up being the strongest damage per shot against them.