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The Soldier is a class from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. He has no special abilities but is the only class who can carry and use heavy two-handed weapons:

This makes the Soldier a versatile attacker and defender. The killing of enemy team members is done mostly by this class.

Heavy Weapons skill[]

This class-specific skill improves the Soldier's efficiency with heavy weapons.

Experience points are awarded for kills with Heavy Weapons, regardless of whether it was due to a direct hit or splash damage.

  • Heavy Weapons Level 1: Improved Projectile Resources - Your combat experience allows you to use your projectile weapons with greater ease. Firing a Panzerfaust or Mortar will now take 1/3rd less Power Bar than previously.
  • Heavy Weapons Level 2: Heavy Weapon Proficiency - Your technical know-how means that your overheating Emplaced or Mobile MG will cool at twice the normal rate.
  • Heavy Weapons Level 3: Improved Dexterity - You've been lugging heavy chunks of metal around the battlefield for so long, your speed penalty is now decreased. You will still be slowed when firing the Flamethrower, but when carrying it or your other weapons - your speed is now faster.
  • Heavy Weapons Level 4: Improved Weapon Handling - Such is your skill at toting weaponry, you are now able to handle a Light Weapon in one handed slot, freeing up the two handed slot for an alternate Heavy Weapon. This means you can now carry an SMG and a Mortar, for instance.