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Space Troopers (German: Weltraumsoldaten) are elite members of the German Space Marine Corps stationed on spaceborne military installations, like the Lunar Base in Wolfenstein: The New Order.


Space Troopers are heavily armored elite infantry units carrying the AR Marksman in its plasma rifle configuration. They also carry a complement of Tesla Grenades. Space Troopers wear a heavier version of the Space Marine Armor and are the lunar "equivalent" of Fire Troopers.

Space Troopers are picked from the very best and most experienced of the Space marines and are a somewhat uncommon find, usually only appearing one at a time or sometimes in pairs.

Despite their role as space soldiers, these troopers are not seen on the base on Venus in The New Colossus, most likely due to the fact that their numbers were heavily depleted following Blazkowicz's rampage throughout the Moon Base in The New Order.


Like the Fire Trooper, players need to be extremely careful when taking on them, especially in the highest difficulties. Because of the Space Troopers' high health, a direct confrontation is not feasible. Instead, the player should take maximum advantage of cover whenever possible.

Advantages against you[]

  • Space troopers have all the advantages of the Fire Trooper. They have very high health which means that a direct confrontation is not feasible.
  • Space troopers are dangerous at ALL RANGES. This makes cover a bigger priority when fighting a space trooper with low health.

Disadvantages against you[]

  • Space Troopers are still vulnerable to headshots. Despite their high health, enough damage dealt to the head can take them down without too much of a hassle.
  • If headshots are not possible, the next best option is to use dual AR Marksman weapons to deal as much damage as possible. If you deplete your weapons' energy, duck in behind cover and try to find a charging station as quickly as possible.
  • The AR Marksman's plasma rifle configuration has high armor-piercing properties and is the default assault weapon available on the Lunar Base. It only takes about 14-16 hits from the plasma rifle to kill a Space Trooper (this also applies to Fire Troopers), compared to about 4-5 hits to kill a Space Marine.
  • If you can manage to procure an MG-60, you will stand a much better chance of taking on these troopers as the MG-60 can easily grind down their health. Once again, however, make sure you have a charging station nearby.


  • Most of their armour are nearly identical to the Bad Batch in Star Wars franchises due their specialty and superior in arm than both of their marine and stormtroopers. They can be mistaken for another rogue version of 501st Legion due to their opposite color and elite troops.