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"High caliber automatic rifle used by Nazi elite soldiers. Useful when taking on enemies at medium to long range."
―Weapon description.[src]

The Sturmgewehr (Ger: "Storm Rifle or Assault Rifle") is a new assault rifle variant that appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It has a sleeker design and better heat dispersion than the Assault Rifle 1960 from Wolfenstein: The New Order.


The next generation of the Assault Rifle 1960 that was used mainly by Nazi Soldiers and Elites alike. The weapon proves to be useful when taking on enemies at medium to long range. Despite its year of manufacture, it functions more similarly to the Assault Rifle 1946, as evidenced from the weapon's reduced 30-round magazine and slower rate of fire.

History and Locations[]

It's the third weapon B.J. collects in his arsenal on the Ausmerzer, either collecting one from a fallen soldier or from an arsenal. Many resistance members use the weapon, having a ammo drop in the shooting range. B.J. notably uses the weapon to kill a soldier while disguised as Jules Redfield at Hitler's film auditions.

In The Freedom Chronicles, it's the second weapon Gunslinger Joe collects in Volume 1 that can be found in a arsenal before the Commander section. The assault rifle can be upgraded with Armor Piercing in Volume 2 in the diner. Jessica Valiant can collect the weapon from fallen soldiers or from weapons lying around the volumes. Gerald Wilkins has the weapon half-way upgraded (Armor Piercing and Jungle Magazine) and collects the marksman scope in Volume 1.

In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the player can choose to start with the Sturmgewehr or choose the Kugelgewehr with a drum magazine upgrade. If the player chooses the Sturmgewehr, it comes with the magnifying scope upgrade, as its Jess Blazkowicz's starting weapon (as stated in her bio). If the player chooses the Kugelgewehr, they will have to collect the weapon from crates, or from fallen soldiers.

New Colossus Upgrade[]

  • Marksman scope: Increases accuracy and damage but changes the weapon's firing mode to semi-auto rather than full-auto.
  • Armor piercing: Bullets pierce through armor and thin sheets of metal. This is extremely effective for enemies such as Drones, Ubersoldats, and Super Soldaten
  • Jungle magazine: Dual magazines taped together, which decrease reload speed and increase magazine size.

Youngblood Upgrade[]

Nadel Set[]

  • Magnifying Scope:
  • Semi-Auto Receiver:
  • Suppressor:
  • Extended Magazine:
  • Polymer Stock:

Tempo Set[]

  • X-Ray Scope: Allows you to detect enemies in the environment. Increase the accuracy and fire rate of the weapon.
  • Compensated Barrel:
  • Drum Magazine: Increase ammo capacity to 35. Also increases fire rate and improves handling.
  • Rapid Fire Receiver:
  • Lightweight Stock:

Stier Set[]

  • Red Dot and Light:
  • Heavy Bull Barrel: Increases damage at the cost of fire rate.
  • Extended Magazine: Increases ammo capacity to 25 rounds. Also increases damage at the cost of fire rate.
  • Heavy Receiver:
  • Stock:


  • Armor piercing is usually the best first upgrade, as it makes the Sturmgewehr quite effective against better armored troops and also makes them quite deadly against Supersoldaten and Übersoldaten. This is especially important as Sturmgewehr has a fairly small mag size of 30, and its ammunition, though plentiful, can be depleted on heavily armored troops without the said upgrade.
  • Jungle Magazines are not as good as it sounds, as its effect is taping two magazines together which is swapped more quickly after regular reload. So while it is still beneficial, each magazine still only holds 30 bullets in effect and does not allow Blazkowicz to fire automatically for twice the length (as inefficient as that is)
  • Getting the Marksman Scope is not required unless you want to save ammunition and hit targets with better accuracy. For players who are on "I am Death Incarnate" or "Mein Leben", it's essential.
  • In addition, having the marksman scope can kill enemies quickly or stagger them (e.g. super soldiers who can be killed with a couple of shots to the head).
  • The Marksman Scope Sturmgewehr is useful to take out Zitadelle's from far away after the LaserKraftWerk.


Wolfenstein: The New Colossus[]

Wolfenstein: Youngblood[]


  • Sturmgewehr is the name used by the real life German army in WWII to designate their new powerful assault rifle, the MP-44. Hence the name STG-44.
  • the literal translation of this weapon (see above) is also where the term "assault rifle" is derived from.
  • The Sturmgewehr is modeled after the STG-44, which partly influenced the development of the Soviet AK-47, specifically the barrel and front sight but it uses features from other real life rifles with the front charging handle and rear sight modeled after a G3, and the trigger group and magazine being modeled after an FN FAL.
  • Unlike most assault rifles, however, the Sturmgewehr has a handle on the side built into the body. This is based off the MG42's barrel release lever, the operator would pull the handle to swing out a worn gun barrel and place a fresh one. It is likely creative liberty by the devs since there would be no need to change barrels on an assault rifle mid-combat.
  • Judging from the size of the ammo, it is shown that they use 7.92mm rounds.
  • The Sturmgeweher is the second most used weapon by Nazi soldiers, but there are few who have the marksman scope, noticeable by their red light coming off their helmet.