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"I saw your kind before back at Deathshead's X-Labs."
―B.J. on the Super Soldiers.[src]


These were the first iteration of General Deathshead's Supersoldaten. They were used by Helga von Schabbs to guard Castle Wolfenstein. This iteration of Supersoldaten doesn't have integrated power-cells and has to rely on a wired connection to supply them with energy.

This variant is encountered en masse in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but now serves as a regular enemy instead of a boss and has slight cosmetic tweaks, particularly in its back-mounted power-pack. Unlike Deathshead's compound version, these Super Soldiers are leashed to large electrical cables that slide along a ceiling mounted rail that provides power to let them move. By turning off generators around the levels, Super Soldiers can be incapacitated for a takedown kill, where B.J. uses his pipe to rip out the cable. However, any sort of heavy firepower can easily kill the Super Soldier as the cable snaps and the Soldier will explode.

Supersoldat schematics inside Castle Wolfenstein.

Another variant is encountered which likewise, can be killed with a pair of take downs (one removes its chest plate, the second destroys its heart and causes it to explode). This is achieved by disabling its power source by damaging it, however, sustained fire power will remove its armor and blow off its chest plate, with a shot to the heart the same as a take down.



  • These are technologically inferior to the Proto-Soldiers and Ubersoldaten seen in RTCW X-Labs and later in the game (as they require a stationary external power source which limits their mobility and range), or the later "second iteration" ones seen in The New Order, or the later generation ones seen in 1960 (3rd iteration?) and 1961 (4th iteration?). It would seem that The Old Blood ignores the 'earlier' ones RTCW, instead treating these as the 'first iteration'. Some articles do call The Old Blood a retelling of RtCW's story, and it borrows and rearranges a number of RtCW's characters.
  • The second variant's weak point is similar to the weak point of the Heavy Veil Trooper