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The player turning into a Mutant

Syringes are the weapon of choice of Dr. Schabbs, who throws them at the player as projectiles. The syringe is stated to be filled with "Corpso-kinetic Serum"[1] ("Corpse-moving serum", also spelled "Korpsokinetic Serum"needs verification). This serum was used by Dr. Schabbs in the Atari Jaguar port of Wolfenstein 3D to create mutants.

In the original MS-DOS version, it turns the player into a mutant upon death from syringes. In the Mac Family, the syringes are simply explosive (like Nitroglycerine).


Damage for Syringes in the original MS-DOS release of Wolfenstein 3D is calculated as follows:[2]

Needle damage = ( [RAND2] / 8 ) + 20

where [RAND2] is a random integer number between and including 0 and 255.[3] This leaves the possible damage as being between 20 and 51 health points.

Like all damage dealt to the player, this value is then divided by four on the lowest Difficulty level, "Can I play, Daddy?". See Damage for information.


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