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The Knife (Das Messer; real name unknown) is the nickname of a sadistic Nazi doctor who oversees Block 4 of Camp Belica. He is a minor antagonist in the game. The Knife is feared in-camp for selecting the nearest prisoners within reach, then torturing and incinerating them, apparently out of pure malice. His nickname is due to the fact that he takes great pleasure in torturing his victims with surface cuts with a knife often accompanied by a recording of discordant piano music.

One of B.J.'s side missions is to kill him while disabling the security systems. While sneaking into his laboratory, B.J. is captured and briefly tortured by The Knife. B.J. would survive before escaping a furnace of emaciated, defiled corpses. B.J. can return to the area where he was tortured and kill The Knife with his own weapon. Should B.J be spotted, The Knife will simply use the same attack patterns as the prison guards, with the exception of using a knife rather than a truncheon.


  • "Dachtest wohl, du könntest dich in mein Haus schleichen, was? (Thought you could sneak into my house, did you?")
  • "Solche Dreistigkeit habe ich von Ungeziefern wie dir noch nie gesehen. Unglaublich.(I've never seen such audacity from a vermin like you before. Unbelievable".)
  • "Da denkt man, man wüsste, wie ein Insekt denkt ... und was von ihm zu erwarten ist. Doch weit gefehlt!(You think you know how the insect thinks ... and what to expect from it. But no!")
  • "Du erbärmliches Stück Scheiße. Ich werde jede einzelne Kakerlake zertreten.(You miserable piece of shit. I will step on every single cockroach".)




  • He wears the same clothes as Bubi, but with an apron, and an officer's cap. Judging by his collar insignia, he has the rank of an SS-Untersturmführer (second lieutenant).
  • After escaping from the initial torture that he gives B.J, screams can be heard from the upper floor, and you can see him torturing another prisoner the same way he tortured B.J. It is not possible to save him however, as he dies before you reach him.
  • The character and is reputation is an exaggerated pastiche of various real concentration camp doctors and officers, the most obvious being Josef Mengele, also known as "The Angel of Death". Mengele was notorious for conducting supposed 'scientific' experiments on his captives, but most contemporaneous accounts of him put it as largely motivated by simple cruelty.
  • After killing him, using a melee weapon to The Knife's corpse will spawn one additional hat independent of the one on his head.
  • Interestingly, he holds his knife with the serrated edge facing out, the opposite of how BJ holds his. This may be so he can use the serrations when torturing prisoners.