"Dammit Jerry...the fight never left you, did it?"
―Clive's last words.[src]

The Owl (Real name unknown), also known as Clive Cross is an ally and best friend of Gerald Wilkins and later revealed to be a Nazi spy and the secondary antagonist of the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus DLC The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins.

The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins[edit | edit source]

"I'm a spy, you dolt! I've always been part of the German Empire! "Clive Cross" isn't my real name, I stole these dogtags from some Untermench's corpse! Surrender!"
―Cross reveals his true colors to Wilkins.[src]

His real name is unknown, as he irritably states that he stole the name from an Untermensch (lit. "Subhuman";person who is racially or socially inferior in the eyes of Nazi Germany) and played the role as an American soldier, in response to Captain Wilkins assuming that Cross had been captured. Clive Cross formed the Scorpions along with Captain Wilkins after D-day to fight the Nazis. However, due to Clive's meddling with their activities, the group eventually fell apart causing Wilkins to go into hiding for many years without knowing that his second-in-command was a rat all along. Cross went by the alias "The Owl" to send letters and messages to the Nazis, but it's uncertain if this was before or during the events of the game.

He eventually caught up with Gerald's daughter, Ginny and managed to contact and find Wilkins. After tricking them to get to Alaska's base to destroy two supercannons, he revealed his allegiance to the Nazis and threatened Gerald to surrender or else he would use the cannon to shoot at Ginny's position. However, Gerald managed to sabotage the supercannon's shell with explosive causing the cannon to explode near Clive's position.

As Clive was buried under the rubble of the cannon, Gerald executed him for his treachery with a shot to the head.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Hey Jerry. Looks like you got my letter."
"You son of a bitch! {...} I knew I'd see your ugly mug again."
"Been a long time, Jerry. Have I got a story for you! You ever heard of the "Sun Gun?"
―Clive and Gerald reuniting in Volume 1.[src]
"Jerry, come in. Mission's over, buddy. Make this easy, and surrender to my friends, wont you?"
"What? Did they capture you? Sit tight, I'll be right there!"
"I'm a spy, you dolt! I've always been part of the German Empire! "Clive Cross" isn't my real name, I stole these dogtags from some Untermensch's corpse! Surrender!"
―Clive and Gerald at the betrayal.[src]
"I can't believe you made it out of there, Jerry but you were always a tough piece of shit. I'm gonna fire this supercannon on this little girl and take her out with most of Alaska unless you surrender."
"I'll never surrender."
"Wrong answer Jerry. Fire!"
"One last thing, Clive. You remember Rome?"
"Rome?! What the hell does that have to do with. Oh shit!"
"Glad you remembered. See you in hell, Clive.
―Clive and Gerald in Volume 2.[src]
"You should have never crossed me, Cross. Any last words, you goddamn traitor?"
"Dammit Jerry...the fight never left you, did it?"
"Not for a goddamn second. See you in hell, old friend.
―Gerald and Clive before the latter's execution.[src]

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  • It's unknown if "Cross" is nationally German or American, as he states that his loyalty has always been with the German Empire. In addition, he states he stole the name Clive Cross from an Untermench's corpse and dogtags.
  • Clive's voice actor also portrayed John Anderson in the main game.
  • Clive is the only antagonist that never appears in-game.
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