Template:Infobox Enemy Trans Grösse[1] ("Beyond Big", name often anglicized to Trans Grosse or abbreviated simply Trans) is the first boss in floor 5 of Spear of Destiny. He is a Nazi enforcer, armed with two Chain Guns and wearing green heavy armor. He has five known relatives: Hans, Mans, Pans, Fans, and Gretel. He is distinct for having spikes around his armor and his chain guns are more torqued. Also, he seems to have a more robotic voice than his relatives, suggesting he has either undergone cybernetic modification, or is simply so large that his voice echoes like a cannon.


B.J. has defeated him twice first at Castle Nuremberg in Spear of Destiny, and later in the 2nd Encounter at Castle Erlangen.

Castle NurembergEdit

Original Encounter (Castle Erlangen)Edit

Following B.J.'s mission to Dresden to stop Hans Grosse for the first time, operative Blazkowicz is sent to Castle Erlangen to stop the Nazi scientists who are synthesizing nerve gas in direct violation of the Geneva conventions. He was sent to the castle to seek out and eliminate the source. The kommandant of the SS Guard there was Trans Grosse, whom B.J. was ordered to neutralize, after which he was to destroy the gas. Millions of soldiers counted on him.

Following his believed success in rocking the Nazi force's nerve gas plans, B.J. is sent to Dr. Schabb's Research Laboratory to put an end to Operation Eisenfaust (or at least halt it for a good amount of time).

Tactical analysisEdit

Trans Grösse fires 6 bullets per volley. Upon defeat, he will talk before falling to ground and drop a gold key. Except the sprites, he is identical to his brother Hans.

For strategic details on how to take care of Trans Grösse, see the specific page for the level in which he occurs: Spear of Destiny/Floor 5.

Submarine Willy is his mission packs' equivalent.


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Id claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Einer Sprachschnitzer!"[2]
"A Mistake!"[2] File: "TRANSSIGHTSND". Spoken on seeing the player. Some have noted that "sprachschnitzer" specifically refers to a linguistic mistake.
"Es ist schade!"[2]
"What a pity!"[2] File: "TRANSDEATHSND". Spoken on death.
"Guten tag!"
"Good day!"
Mac & 3DO ports

"Id Software apologizes to German-speaking people everywhere."[2]


Hit points850 (skill 1),
950 (skill 2),
1050 (skill 3),
1200 (skill 4)
Sprites & sounds
Sprite number326-336
Ranged attack
Damage1-64, 1-32 or 1-16
Shots per minute


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