Treasure Hunt is a Wolfenstein 3D total conversion for Doom II.


The Allies found out that the Nazis has stolen many treasures and religious artifacts from their resting place and brought it to many of their fortresses. B.J. Blazkowicz was sent by the OSS to 'hunt' these treasures on a large Nazi fortress. B.J. enters the fortress battling trough enemies. It is soon revealed that Dr. Schabbs has managed to create multiple clones of Hans Grosse and his brother, Trans Grosse. B.J. didn't just confront them; He confronted Death Knights and Übermutants. Finally, after a long battle, B.J. found the treasure stash and quickly, took them all. With the ill-gotten goods have been retrieved, the Nazis are trying to stop him hoping to get their hands back on the treasure. This includes Gretel. Outside the fortress, the Nazis barricaded the entrance to keep B.J. from escaping. Though B.J. managed to escape, he ends up confronting a giant Death Knight. B.J. defeats the monster and escapes the fortress safely.


Enemy type consists of guards, officers, SS officers and mutants.


  • Hans Grosse Clone: Courtesy of Dr. Schabbs' twisted experiment, Hans Grosse was returned from the dead. But this time, there is more than one of him. (Replaced Hell Knight)
  • Trans Grosse Clone: What good would multiple Hanses if they weren't backed up by their multiple brothers? (Replaced Arachnotron)
  • Gretel Grosse: The giantess guard Gretel is only one of her, but she was so deadly that her chaingun can cut you in half. (Actually, she replaced Spiderdemon).
  • Übermutant: A strong type of Mutant. It barks like a dog and has four arms. All the arms are carrying giant cleavers and in its chest, carries a Chain Gun. (Replaced Baron of Hell).
  • Colonel: Higher rank of the Officer. Fires a heat-seeking missile. (Replaced Revenant).


The same as 2nd Encounter.