―In-game weapon description for the Übergewehr.

The Übergewehr (lit. "super-gun", "over-gun") is an energy weapon which uses charged laser energy together with diesel fuel to fire a sphere of energy strong enough to vaporize Supersoldaten in one shot. The weapon appears on the later part of the Venus mission in the weapon development lab, suggesting that the weapon is still experimental near the end of The New Colossus, and on the last Oberkommando mission. One can also be found on the Ausmerzer before the final fight. So far, it is only carried by the Zerstörer unit.


The Übergewehr is the most powerful weapon in The New Colossus. According to the Nazi research note in Venus, the weapon design actually derives from one of the Da'at Yichud parchments. Furthermore, the Übergeweher is also said to draw energy from micro-portals of extra-dimensional origin as a third source of energy.


  • The weapon is powerful, able to take out large groups of enemies with a precise shot.
  • The downside is the long charge for another shot, but the player can charge a shot after shooting it.
  • For anyone playing on "Mein Leben", it's best not to pick up this heavy weapon on Venus, as a group of soldiers and scientist come into the next room. Unless the player has the weapon charged and has good precision, leave it be.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon is based on the BFG 9000 from the Doom series. It especially resembles the version from the 2016 game (also published by Bethesda), in that it fires a large spherical energy blast that expands outward and vaporizes enemies within it.
  • Übergewehr's hypothetical feature of drawing energy from other dimension may be a reference of Black Sun weaponry in Wolfenstein.
  • Killing a Zerstörer with the Übergewehr unlocks the "Taste of Your own Medicine" achievement/trophy.
  • This is the only weapon of the game that requires two different types of ammo: electricity and diesel fuel.

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