Floor 12
Part of Ultimate Challenge
Par time 4:30
Secrets 15
Crosses 39
Chalices 27
Chests 26
Crowns 13
One Ups 1
Total 106
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 28 61 89
SS 16 33 43
Mutants 0 0 6
Officers 4 9 9
Total 48 103 147
(before bonuses)
120800 134600 146600
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Floor 12 of Ultimate Challenge is the 12th level in the game and the second level in chapter "Satellite Systems". There is a secret exit leading to the second secret level, Floor 20.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Secrets[edit | edit source]

This level has two exits. The exit at the bottom-right corner of the map leads to Floor 13. The secret exit to Floor 20 is in the top-right of the map, through a small maze filled with radiation.

Map[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

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