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Undead Warriors (German: untote Krieger) are the walking corpses of Saxon knights who have been entombed beneath the cold earth. They are seen wearing suits of armor and wielding axes and swords as their weapons. If Blazkowicz shoots the warrior, they'll often duck behind their shields and reflect the bullets back at B. J, and if he is close enough, he will get hurt. A way to get them to drop their guard is to aim at their feet, or get close enough for them to initiate attack, leaving them wide open. If they get in your face, they will hack away with their weapons.


  • Melee attacks (from knife or boot) can't be deflected. The Flamethrower is an effective weapon against them, most of the times, 2~4 fuel can burn them up and once they do, it will result in death in 5 seconds or Tesla Gun, Which can damage multiple of them in one group without wasting any ammo of dealing one after another. They will not dodge explosives as well, so you can dump grenades since their shield will not save them from explosion after passing them.
  • Unlike normal Undead, Undead Warriors do not get back up after being shot down.
  • Another strategy is to let the Nazi soldiers and undead warriors kill each other. If possible lure the undead warriors into traps (either Nazi soldiers or booby traps).
  • Undead soldiers start off with 100 HP but in the late game they can have up to 200 HP.


  • When they die, they sometimes say "Help me". They are faster than regular zombies but easier to kill especially their shield is down.
  • Their breastplates bear swastikas and their shields have the RtCW logo.
  • In Operation: Resurrection they have red glowing eyes instead of green ones.