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The U.K. Flag.

The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland Was and is a Parlamentary monarchy that appears in the Wolfenstein franchise. They were one of the countries who fought against the Nazis, and lost. According to Bobby Bram, the resistance to the Nazis, in at least London, was fierce, as citizens would be literally fighting in the streets. Unfortunately, the Nazis brought in the London Monitor, a massive, hulking 50 meter tall mech monster armed with a laser eye and rocket launcher pods. Resistance was quickly crushed by this mechanical beast, and the Nazis razed Down everything in Downtown London to erect the London Nautica.

After the New Colossus[]

It is not known if the British isles was liberated by the Anti-Nazi coalition.However,It is possible that Britain is still under Nazi occupation but there is a high amount of pro-allied insurgency in the isolated areas of the U.K.