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A possibility of BJ's squad in World War II.

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The U.S. Army appears as the main American military force in the Wolfenstein series.



The Continental Army was created on 14 June 1775 by the Continental Congress as a unified army for the colonies to fight Great Britain, with George Washington appointed as its commander.[5] The army was initially led by men who had served in the British Army or colonial militias and who brought much of British military heritage with them. As the Revolutionary War progressed, French aid, resources, and military thinking influenced the new army. A number of European soldiers came on their own to help, such as Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who taught the army Prussian tactics and organizational skills.

The army fought numerous pitched battles and in the South 1780–81 sometimes used the Fabian strategy and hit-and-run tactics, hitting where the enemy was weakest, to wear down the British forces. Washington led victories against the British at Trenton and Princeton, but lost a series of battles around New York City in 1776 and Philadelphia in 1777. With a decisive victory at Yorktown, and the help of the French, the Continental Army prevailed against the British.

After the war, though, the Continental Army was quickly given land certificates and disbanded in a reflection of the republican distrust of standing armies. State militias became the new nation's sole ground army, with the exception of a regiment to guard the Western Frontier and one battery of artillery guarding West Point's arsenal. However, because of continuing conflict with Native Americans, it was soon realized that it was necessary to field a trained standing army. The Regular Army was at first very small, and after General St. Clair's defeat at the Battle of the Wabash, the Regular Army was reorganized as the Legion of the United States, which was established in 1791 and renamed the "United States Army" in 1796.


The U.S Army use a variety of weapons in the series. While using a variety of Nazi firearms, they possess their own weaponry as well.

Weapons(Wolfenstein: The New Order)[]

Vehicles(Wolfenstein: The New Order)[]

  • Jeep
  • Rolls-Royce Mustang Mk. X (Appears as the P-51 Mustang)
  • Allied Bombers
  • Sherman Tanks


Castle Wolfenstein/Beyond Castle Wolfenstein[]

Briefly mentioned in the backstory. Mostly in regards to the unnamed allied soldier, see also Escape From Wolfenstein short story.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein[]

The U.S. Army appears in both the Campaign and Multiplayer modes. However, they only dominantly appear in the multiplayer mode, with B.J being the only American in the story mode.

MachineGames Timeline[]

The Old Blood[]

Entering the war of the side of the Allies, the United States saw major initial success against Axis forces, having liberated most of Axis-occupied North Africa and Southern Italy by 1943. Having concentrated its military might on two fronts, the American technological gap shrunk steadily when Nazi forces discovered a secret cache of Da'at Yichud technology. Unable to keep up with the sudden Germany technological superiority, the Western Allies were pushed out of Italy and North Africa as Nazi forces consolidated their gains. As the United Kingdom came under further threat, the Allies launched a desperate offensive into Normandy, with the hopes of establishing a foothold in mainland Europe and turn the tide of the war. Despite the best efforts of the Allies, the German technological might proved too overwhelming for Allied forces, with most of the invasion forces slaughtered at the beach or forced to surrender. Having been blamed for the Normandy massacre, Allied Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower resigned in disgrace.

As the war in Europe continued into 1946, the situation for the Western Allies grew increasingly tenuous. In response, Allied High Command decided to consolidate their last remaining forces on a desperate attempt to eliminate the head of the German military, General Deathshead. Initially deploying Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, the famed soldier was ordered to discover the location of Deathshead's base in order for Allied forces to launch their attack against him. Having infiltrated the town of Wulfburg, Blazkowicz discovered Nazi forces attempting to unearth an ancient evil, inadvertently causing an undead outbreak that wiped out the town. Recovering a dossier, US special forces infiltrated the town and commenced clean-up operations in an effort to contain the outbreak, successfully recovering the injured B.J in the process.

As German forces began re-occupying the town, the American forces departed and returned to RAF Kinloss just as the entire invasion force began departing for Deathshead's fortress in the Baltic Sea.

The New Order[]

Allied Troops in 1946.jpg

As the joint Anglo-American task force made their way to the compound, Nazi forces became alerted of their presence, downing many of the bombers in the process despite the best efforts of USAAF P-51 Mustangs. Despite heavy air resistance, a scant few bombers successfully crash-landed at Deathshead's compound, only to be immediately besieged by the entrenched Nazi forces. As most of the surviving invasion forces were slaughtered at the beaches, the few survivors that survived the initial massacre regrouped under the command of Captain Blazkowicz and Wing Commander Fergus Reid. Opting to continue their operation, the ragtag unit was successfully able to infiltrate Deathshead's compound, however, the mission ended in disaster when Nazi experiments ambushed the group, just as Deathshead discovered them. Forcing the Captain into a sadistic choice, either Fergus Reid or Private Probst Wyatt was dissected as the survivors narrowly escaped the destruction of the facility.

With its remaining forces annihilated, Allied forces were unable to resist the inevitable Nazi invasion of the United Kingdom, leading to American forces being recalled back home, leaving their British allies to their fate. By 1948, Nazi forces launched their invasion of the United States. However, anticipating intense resistance similarly to the British Resistance, the Nazi leadership instead opt to drop a nuclear bomb on New York City, with further threats to drop more bombs on other American cities. During this period, the Da'at Yichud decided to cooperate with American forces, in a last-ditch attempt to turn the tide of the war. However, their efforts came too late, as American forces were unable to reverse-engineer the technology in time.

With its citizens in revolt, and elements of the government unwilling to risk further nuclear attacks, the United States government capitulated in 1948. Officially issuing a stand-down order to its armed forces, many were unwilling to comply, instead retreating to scattered military bases and outposts throughout the country as they prepared for the brutal guerilla war. Forming the basis of the American resistance, these scattered military units remained mostly disorganized, however they proved highly effective at disrupting Nazi operations in the mainland. The resistance eventually reorganized into a single entity, and their attacks proved so devastating towards Nazi forces that several elite anti-guerilla units were recalled from China to suppress the rebellion. The efforts of these anti-guerilla units proved incredibly effective and having eventually eliminated most resistance cells throughout the nation, forcing surviving elements back underground.

However, there were several soldiers who refused to continue fighting with the resistance, instead opting to surrender to German occupation authorities. These soldiers were issued labor cards and ordered to report for work assignments. Additionally, several soldiers betrayed their allies in an effort to secure positions within the occupation, with several resistance cells having been destroyed as a result of these traitors.

Sometime during the initial resistance, elements of the U.S. military stationed in Roswell, New Mexico initiated a series of delaying actions against Nazi forces in an attempt to buy Area 51 time to destroy research and equipment supplied by the Da'at Yichud, however, their efforts failed as Nazi forces overwhelmed them, and successfully recovered a sizeable number of Da'at Yichud technology not yet destroyed by the Americans.

Additionally, having crushed the military and its resistance, elements of the German High Command, the Oberkommado moved to Area 52 to oversee further reverse-engineering projects carried out there.

Following the death of Frau Engel on live television, previously underground cells of the United States military linked up with militia and resistance forces, launching the Second American Revolution as Nazi forces fled the country, allowing the United States to be liberated and regain its independence.

Allied Unit.jpg

Notable members:


By the year 1980, the United States military had successfully assisted resistance cells worldwide, liberating many of these territories from Nazi rule, with only mainland Europe still under active control by the Nazi military. However, the grueling campaigns had badly depleted its manpower, as by the early 80's, the US Armed Forces were still in the process of rebuilding. Additionally, having served as the jumping point for the worldwide liberation, the United States returned to its status as the Arsenal for Democracy, providing their allies with the vital supplies needed to combat remaining Nazi forces.

Additionally, sometime between the Second American Revolution and the formation of the Fourth Reich, the United States military successfully pulled off a military operation, with Captain B.J. Blazkowicz having killed Adolf Hitler. Despite the consistent success, the United States' campaign eventually grinded to a halt, and internal bickering within the allies allowed the Nazis to consolidate their forces within continental Europe


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