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The Unnamed Reichskanzler was the next Führer and Chancellor of The Greater Reich after Hitler's death on mid-1960s and up to 1980 (Because of the Fourth Reich's Takeover).


The name of the person is unknown, he was elected as the next ruler of the Reich after the assassination of Adolf Hitler by BJ Blazkowicz. Supposedly he was at Berlin for the struggles of the Nazi faction uprising, (along with The Fourth Reich and natural weather disasters cause by Hitler’s doomsday device) He was mentioned by Newspapers about Germans First Article.

The Newspaper reads,

"According to people at the meeting, the Reichskanzler disagreed with some harsh but fair words, "Why would we want people from shithole countries to come here?" he said in reference to the affected regions."

His fate after General Messer becomes the next leader of The Reich is currently unknown. He might be exiled somewhere or killed by General Messer's orders.


In the Real Life timeline, Admiral Karl Dönitz and Joseph Goebbels succeeded Hitler as President and Reichskanzler, respectively, after his suicide. However, in the alternate timeline, neither Dönitz nor Goebbels became the next leader because Hitler was liveable since mid-1960s.