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An upgrade kit found by B.J. Blazkowicz.

"Nice. Should get to work on upgrading my weapons."
―B.J. if he has collected an upgrade kit, and has more than one kit that he hasn't used yet.[src]

Upgrade Kits are the kits used to upgrade weapons in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for B.J. Blazkowicz, and for Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant, and Gerald Wilkins in The Freedom Chronicles. There are 21 kits in total during the main game for The New Colossus, and there are three for each of the Freedom Chronicles.

The upgrade kits are often being hidden in various areas in each level of the game, and can found amongst the American Territories during, or after completing the main storyline. The upgrades appear in The Freedom Chronicles, but the animation of the weapons being upgraded are shown, and also appear in cases when found.


Story and Districts[]

  • Eva's Hammer
    • Shooting range, dealing with Set's drone. When opening the doorillhouse, at the beginning when shooting the targets. Storyline, it appears after getting Grace Walker to join the resistance.
    • Practicing with the contraption (storyline, getting the Super Soldier's body), where you have to hit the button to leave the area.
  • Manhattan
    • Harbor District: First Commander section, walking up the apartment railing, and it's near the health.
    • Subway: In the room with the solid door that can be destroyed or smashed open. Storyline wise, it's where the Super Soldier lands before going to the ruins, and where you have to use the controls to move the train.
    • Ruins: Storyline, Commander section with the Zitadelle. Is upper level behind before jumping toward the elevator building.
    • Penthouse: Upper level at the stairs on the right.
    • Nuclear Bunker District:
      • (1) Yellow door with tall open rail and door slit (contraption use), is on the left before the opening/closing doors, you fall into room and is near armor. For storyline, it's the first commander section.
      • (2) Last Commander section for New Orleans dossier mission, near the battle walker or ram shackle door, on top of metal crate.
  • Area 52
    • Storyline, entering Area 52 and jumping down, is near small crates and pipes in the first Commander section.
  • Mesquite
    • Farmhouse Film Set District: In the basement on the left.
  • New Orleans
    • Wall Confinement District: Upper level in the last room (3rd floor). Storyline, near the Commander and Super Soldier before fighting a Panzerhund.
    • Ghetto District: In a garage-like room on a bench. Storyline wise, after swimming through the bus and going through the door, walk in the room on the left to the end.
    • Bienville Street District:
      • (1) Near a building on the outside where's there is a gaping hole in the ground. In the story, it's the Panzerhund ride in the first Commander section, outside the building he's in.
      • (2) Inside a locked section of the sewer tunnels, only accessible with Ram Shackles or during revisit.
    • Lakeview District: In the town hall with a mount laser cannon, the first commander area.
  • Venus
    • Aerostat Habitat District: In a last room on the left. Storyline, after B.J.'s audition.
    • Oberkommando District: On white crates getting close to the second commander, the area also has a stationed Lasergewehr. For more information, the storyline is a commander section where a commander is playing music, that bridge.
    • Transporthalle District:
      • (1) Getting to the Ubercommander and getting the battle walkers if not chosen.
      • (2) On a ledge near a ladder, noticeable after climbing the ladder and looking back. Storyline, after the commander section when wearing the Venus Atmospheric Suit and fighting/walking around the Zitadelle.


  • When playing on Mein Leben, it's best to collect half of the upgrade kits to improve your weapons. Also, the first upgrade kit in the game should be used on the Handgun 1960 and Maschinenpistole to get the suppressor, as it's useful for the stealth sections on Mein Leben.
  • It's best to get upgrades on your Sturmgewehr, Schockhammer, LaserKraftWerk/Dieselkraftwerk, Maschinenpistole, and Handgranate.
    • The Handgun 1960 and Kampfpistole can also be upgraded, but the former is based on the player's preference on using the Handgun or Maschinenpistole for stealth.



  • B.J. will state that he needs to work on upgrading your weapons if he has collected a kit, and has more unused yet. This is possibly a reminder to the player to upgrade your weapons if they forget they have one or a few.