Guten Tag!

Ich bin Oberführer Von Vorknkx und Ich habe come hier to contributen to dieses Wolfenstein Wiki.

Zis Wiki ist ein amazing invention of ze Third Reich scientists, und Ich will try to mache it even besser.

Ich bin ein fan of ze classic Wolfenstein games, but Ich habe played the newer Wolf games as well (up to and including The Old Blood).

About Mich

Hello, I am Vorknkx - a long-time fan of Id Software's games. I am a fanatical Doom player, yet there were many years of playing Wolfenstein 3D before that :)

Apart from gaming, I also love writing - fiction or poetry, depending on my mood. My favorite writer is Isaac Asimov and I've read nearly all of his works. I like heavy music - rock, metal, industrial (e.g. Slipknot, Rammstein, Therion, Marilyn Manson, etc.). I also enjoy sci-fi movies or TV series (e.g. Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, BSG: Blood & Chrome, Andromeda, Falling Skies etc.).

I majored in journalism and political science in college, and I also have a Master's degree in English Philology. Currently, I work as a full-time professional translator. The good thing about it is that my schedule is flexible (leaving me enough time to edit Wikis), unless my boss decides to send me on one of his "special" assignments in another city.

I always enjoy a friendly chat, so feel free to write me about anything that comes to your mind (even if it's not Wolf-related).

Die Stunde des Wolfs

As mentioned earlier, the classic Wolfenstein games are my specialty. The game I've played the most is Spear of Destiny - it was a birthday present. The full original Wolf 3D came shortly afterwards and I spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours having fun with the two games.

At some point even my parents played Wolf 3D as well. They even found and printed some maps, so that we could play the game with 100% secrets and treasure found. We even discussed boss-fighting tactics sometimes :P

In 2005 I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the first time - I liked the way it combines modern gameplay with the spirit of the old Wolf, so I devoted a lot of time to it as well. Many cold and boring nights at college were dedicated to playing RtCW (sometimes at the expense of study time, heh heh).

A few years later I also managed to find the rare Lost Episodes - they are pretty good too, even though they weren't made by id.

In more recent times (late 2015) I managed to play the latest in the Wolf series - the 2009 game, The New Order, and The Old Blood. I enjoyed all three of them and, more importantly, I am now able to contribute to Wiki pages related to them. Yay!

Wolfenstein Games Ich Habe Played

Strategic Objectives

<Secret transmission...>

  • From: Obergruppenführer Wilhelm Strasse
  • To: Oberführer Viktor Von Vorknkx
  • Re: Mission objectives

Proceed with the improvement of the Wolf Wiki as planned! Here are the areas that are to be worked on with priority:

  • Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny - pages about the levels.
  • Lost Episodes - pages about the levels.
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein - more details about missions and the different parts of the game.
  • Spelling & Grammar throughout the entire Wiki system.
  • Write cool blog posts for everyone to enjoy.
  • Images/Screenshots, where necessary.
  • Patrol the chat and articles area for Allied intruders.

Helga said "Hi", by the way... she wants to know if you would be interested in a romantic dinner with her - she mentioned something about a "very big Wurst" ;)

<End of Transmission>

Me on other Wikis

The Grammar Nazi

Just as you can't have Wolfenstein without Nazis, a Wiki without proper spelling and grammar will not be very enjoyable to read and won't attract many visitors or contributors. Therefore, always observe the highest possible quality in your writing.

Here is a guide to some of the more common mistakes nowadays (based on what I've seen online). If you are in doubt about something, you can use this little guide:

It's and Its

  • It's = "it is"
    • Example: "It's time for you to go."
  • Its = possessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to it"
    • Example: "Watch out for that Tesla Gun - its lightning bolt is deadly!"

There, Their and They're

  • There = denotes location, as opposed to "here"
    • Example: "I can see something over there."
  • Their = possessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to them"
    • Example: "The Nazis are trying to raise the dead to bolster their numbers."
  • They're = "they are"
    • Example: "Watch out for the Elite Guards. They're silent and quick!"

We're, Were and Where

  • We're = "we are"
    • Example: "We're going to be late if you don't hurry up!"
  • Were = past tense of "are"
    • Example: "The Allies were victorious yesterday."
  • Where = pronoun denoting place/location
    • Example: "Lieutenant, where is our air support?!?"

You're and Your

  • You're = "you are"
    • Example: "You're late for the party."
  • Your = possessive pronoun, meaning "belonging to you"
    • Example: "What happened to your friend, Kessler?"

Who's and Whose

  • Who's = "who is"
    • Example: "Who's in charge here?"
  • Whose = denotes possession
    • Example: "Whose MP 40 is this?"

Lose and Loose

  • Lose = to cease to be in one's possession or capability
    • Example: "You can lose a lot of money if you agree to this deal!"
  • Loose = free from restraints, unfastened
    • Example: "A wild bear is loose on the streets. Stay at home and lock the doors!"

Enjoy deine stay on die Wolfenstein Wiki. Auf wiedersehen :)

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