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"Klemens: subsystem zero-four-four is finally online, sir.
Krueger: Good. Keep working, Klemens. We need to get all mines online, lest we want more murderous snakes slithering through our net.
―Klemens and Victor Krueger discussing the activation of the sea mines surrounding the containment wall[src]

Brigadeführer Victor Kreuger was a Überkommandant in the Nazi Party and target in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Before 1961[]

According to records Kreuger served on board the famous 'Blue Star' during the Battle of the Bering Sea in 1949, where the remnants of the rebelling American fleet, along with its Allies, fought its last stand. Which ended in victory for the German forces.

He was also decorated for heroism during an extremist Terrorist group attack on Church harbor in 1953. Where he and his men managed to prevent the detonation of the bombs which saved hundreds of lives. He also personally killed five of the terrorists, and captured two others, including the leader.


"Alright Blazkowicz! Lets keep the revolution going. Grace out."
―Grace to B.J. upon Kreuger's death.[src]

According to Grace Walker, he is attempting to reactivate the sea mine defense around New Orleans. While at a temporary base in a ruined building, watching a Panzerhund burn buildings from across the street, he made contact with his junior officer Klemens. Telling him that the importance of the mines is to reduce any 'killer snakes' of getting through the network.

He and Klemens are eventually killed by B.J. causing some of the mines to stay inactive, however many others have already been reactivated. Despite the circumstances, the effort of reactivating the mines is utterly useless as the Nazis are forced to abandon the New Orleans ghetto to fight for their life against the American Resistance network.


Victor Krueger has more character development than most Ubercommanders. His speech patterns indicate that his is a bookish and poetic man.