"Beware the wolves, kind sir."
―The Village Drunkard to B.J. in Paderborn.[src]

The village drunkard is a minor character in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood who appears in Paderborn and Wulfburg where he rants about the Nazis' cruelty (referring to them as "wolves") and talks with Blazkowicz.

During B.J.'s escape from Castle Wolfenstein, he encounters the village drunkard in Paderborn next to Kessler's Tavern shortly before meeting Annette Krause, rambling about the Nazis. The player can give him some coins "for soup", for what he will aware Blazkowicz about "the wolves" or, if the player just passes him without giving any coins, he will curse them. He is later encountered in Wulfburg near the Agent's two house, where he, depending on that if we given him earlier money or not, he will still cursing us or call us his "Nazi killing friend" after what he will fall asleep. Then Blazkowicz also can give him some coins but it don't have here any influence.

The village drunkard was most likely killed during the earthquake caused by the Nazis, and later reanimated into a Shambler. If so, there is a possibly that B.J. killed him during the event, or was killed after Blazkowicz defeated The Monstrosity.


Trivia Edit

  • Calling Nazis "The Wolves" can be reference to censored German versions of most Wolfenstein games where Nazis are also referenced as wolves.
  • After meeting him in Paderborn his appearance in Wulfburg seems to be almost out of the blue when the both encounters with him are separate by only about a day and the place where we meet him second time seems to be hard to get from here he was in the first place for ordinary drunkard.
  • He is called Josef in the game files.

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