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"Beware the wolves, kind sir."
―The Village Drunkard to B.J. in Paderborn.[src]

The village drunkard is a minor character in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood who appears in Paderborn and Wulfburg where he rants about the Nazis upcoming takeover (referring to them as "wolves") and talks with Blazkowicz.

During B.J.'s escape from Paderborn Bridge, he encounters the village drunkard in Paderborn next to Kessler's Tavern just before meeting Annette Krause, rambling about the Nazis. The player can give him some coins "for soup", for what he will warn Blazkowicz about "the wolves" or, if the player just passes him without giving any coins, he will curse them. He is later encountered in Wulfburg near the Agent's two house, where he, depending on if we given money or not, will still curse you or call him his "Nazi killing friend" before fall into a drunken stupor. Blazkowicz also can give him some coins but it don't have any influence. He is not seen again.

A similar character appears in The New Colossus, lying in the gutter in Roswell.



  • "The Wolves" are what the Nazis are referred to in the censored German version of the Wolfenstein games, when using the term was prohibited.
  • How he travels from Paderborn to Wulfburg ahead of B.J., Kessler and Annette while being passed out is not explained.
  • He is called Josef in the game files.
  • While the player cannot shoot him it is possible to throw one or several grenades at him, but he'll not react. This is most likely a developer oversight.