"Blazkowicz. Nazi Übercommander is located somewhere around this area. The intel we have is that he is tasked with deploying search drones in the harbor district. You know what you gotta do, Blazko. Grace out."
Grace Walker to B.J. on Hauser.[src]

Oberführer Walter Hauser was a Überkommandant in the Nazi Party and target in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Biography Edit

Before 1961 Edit

Hauser, was a decorated officer since the heavy riots in Incheon during 1948, during which he personally killed 14 of the rioters. He was also the one to start the 'Drone surveillance program' in 1954, which was to deploy in every major city in the American Territories. To have all cities policed with drones that could act with authorization from command to kill any potential threats they encounter.

Assassination Edit

"Right on, Blazkowicz. Another nail in the Nazi coffin."
―Grace to B.J. upon Hauser's death.[src]

He was tasked with deploying search drones in the harbor of the Manhattan, in order to quell the endless resistance groups within the ruined city. However, due to many of his fellow colleauges being assassinated, Hauser had doubled the guard protection he had under him. But, had brought mainly infantry soldiers, and marksmen elites, in order to avoid drawing too much attention as well as keep his location secret, which was in the ruins of a hotel.

But in the end B.J.  killed him, and checked the remains of his dead body to be sure it was him, as well as discovery of what the Nazis were now doing in Roswell.

Personality and Relationships Edit

Hauser, was rumored to have had a voracious sexual appetite, but there was little evidence to support it besides a known incident to that supposedly occured after a banquet. But despite the rumors, his men hardly believed it, and some even defended him.

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