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Washington D.C. was the capital of the original and current incarnations of the United States of America.


During the Second World War, Washington D.C. was home to the President of the United States, Congress, the Supreme Court, and other notable landmarks and monuments, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Upon the Nazi Victory over the United States in December of 1948, the Wehrmacht staged a massive military parade to celebrate their triumph, with soldiers and Panzerhund robots parading in the streets, and Adolf Hitler giving one of his signature speeches on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus[]

Newspapers such as the Star-Spangled Daily suggest that a collaborationist, puppet government still exists in Washington D.C., with a figurehead President still in the White House, regurgitating official Nazi statements to the American public. Despite this, the city itself has been changed beyond recognition, with towering buildings built out of Überconcrete surrounding what had once been the National Mall. In addition, the Nazis have heavily modified many of Washington D.C.'s iconic landmarks, such as reinforcing the Washington Monument to make it taller, as well as replacing the iconic statue of Abraham Lincoln seated in his titular memorial with a seated statue of Adolf Hitler. It is here that, following his capture in Mesquite, Texas, BJ Blazkowicz is subjected to a kangaroo court trial in the former Supreme Court of the United States, before being beheaded in front of a cheering audience by General Irene Engel, with scenes of his execution broadcast on international television by the Nazis. With the Second American Revolution in full swing the collaborationist puppet government in Washington, D.C. officially collapsed overthrown by BJ Blazkowicz and the American Resistance restoring democratic American rule.