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Weapons of Vengeance is the third mission in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

B.J. Blazkowicz is parachuted to the Nazi rocket base in Katamarunde in the Baltics. He resorts to covert tactics to approach and infiltrate the base undetected, as a sounded alarm would inevitably compromise the mission.

Once inside the base, he cancels the launch of a V2 rocket with a biological warhead, which was aimed at London. The rocket explodes, alerting the whole base to B.J.'s presence. Now forced to fight his way out, the agent battles hordes of Nazi troops and uses the opportunity to destroy a new experimental radar installation.

B.J. makes his way to an airfield, where he hijacks one of the Nazis' latest experimental "Kobra" rocket planes and delivers it into the hands of the OSA scientists.


There are four different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: Forest Compound[]

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Part 2: Rocket Base[]

Main article: Rocket Base


  • Locate Main Control Room.
  • Terminate launch of V2 rocket.
  • Locate exit and proceed to the Outer Compound.

Part 3: Radar Installation[]

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  • Locate and destroy MVX-mk1 radar array.
  • Proceed to X-Aircraft facility.

Part 4: Air Base Assault[]

Main article: Air Base Assault


  • Gain access for launch.
  • Capture "Kobra" rocket plane and fly to OSA airbase in chut.