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Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is a Wolfenstein VR game. The game is set 19 years after the events of The New Colossus and one week before the event of the Youngblood [1] Here, the player acts as a combat android created by the Nazis but is reprogrammed to work for the French Resistance by taking control of a variety of different Nazi robots and turning them against their creators.[2] Unlike previous games, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot was created specifically for the VR platform. The experience is rail-free, allowing the player to enjoy the freedom one would expect of a first-person shooter.


Cyberpilot, a hacked Nazi-built Ubersoldat combat robot awakens in a storage room, where Maria Laurent, the one responsible for hacking him, initiates the calibration process to ensure that the Cyberpilot's cognitive processes are functioning properly. After a successful test, Maria has Cyberpilot pull a nearby lever, which opens the door to the command center of a Nazi resesarch building that had been seemingly deserted. Maria goes on to explain that Cyberpilot is attached to a special chair-like device that prevents him from moving. She has him move the chair to the facility's robot repair bay, where she has her drones bring in a decommissioned Panzerhund robot, and walks him through the hacking process that allows him to control it.

After Successfully hacking the Panzerhund, Cyberpilot uses the chair to ascend to the virtual cockpit, which allows him to remotely control the Nazi vehicles that he has hacked. After being trained in using the Panzerhund's various combat functions, Maria has Cyberpilot launch the Panzerhund into Little Berlin, where he is ordered to provide a distraction for a splinter cell resistance group by killing the nazis patrolling an outpost, thus allowing the group to retrieve classified documents. Upon successfully killing soldiers and destroying other vehicles, the Panzerhund is recalled to the facility. Maria discovers that the classified documents detail research data on an experimental weapon developed at the facility known as Brother 3. Cyberpilot is then tasked with using the chair system to ascend to the lab area of the abandoned facility, where he assembles the aforementioned weapon, with the parts provided, using the schematic on the nearby monitor as reference.

Upon completing the weapon, a crippled Drone is brought in remotely by Maria, who then has Cyberpilot hack the drone in the robot repair bay, only to find the control chip has suffered extensive damage, forcing him to replace it before Maria can successfully hack the drone. Maria then has Cyberpilot attach the aforementioned experimental weapon to the drone's undercarriage, which is later revealed to be a short range taser gun. Cyberpilot uses the drone via the cockpit to infiltrate Brother 3, with the help of Jemma, Maria's personal AI which communicates with text only. In the tower's main office Cyberpilot hacks into the terminal that controls the security in the lab above; using the drone's hacking arm to bypass the security system, Cyberpilot is able to access the elevator nearby to move to the upper level in the lab, where he uses the drone to gain intel from the terminals to find out how to destroy the energy storage within, that the Nazis use to supply power for their energy weapons and lethal barriers. Discovering that the regulators are in the server room, Cyberpilot moves the drone there, where the drone is discovered accidentally. Due to the drone's fragility, its cannot engage directly in combat, instead using its taser gun and stealth capability to destroy enemies off-guard. After the security drones in the server room are silenced, Cyberpilot uses the drone to sabotage the regulator that powers the energy supply in the building, disrupting Nazi energy weapon production.

Unexpectedly, the Nazis disrupt the abandoned facility's primary power supply, causing the cockpit and the chair system to run on emergency power, as well as disrupting Cyberpilot's audio connection with Maria, forcing Jemma to use her only method of communication, texting, to guide Cyberpilot in replacing burnt-out fuses to restore the lab's power and triggering the circuit breaker switches in the lab, Command Center, and Robot Repair Bay. With power restored, Jemma then communicates more casually with Cyberpilot about such topics as "favourite dolls" (the figurines found on the command center desk). Maria, having managed to restore her audio connection with Cyberpilot, reveals that the repercussions of the power outage in the building have resulted in the surrounding area around the facility itself losing power as well, before mocking Jemma about her idle chatter with Cyberpilot.

Maria explains that in order to destroy the remaining regulators in Brother 3, a full-frontal assault would be necessary. Thankfully, Maria has acquired a decommissioned Zitadelle combat robot. In the Robot Repair Bay, Cyberpilot uses a crowbar to remove the shrapnel residue from the damaged Zitadelle chassis before hacking the robot. Using the virtual cockpit, Cyberpilot sends the Zitadelle on a rampage through Victory Boulevard, obliterating Nazi security squads and vehicles with its chaingun and missile launcher. Upon destroying the regulators providing power to Brother 3, the repercussions of which result in the destruction of the facility, Maria terminates control of the Zitadelle, while revealing that the facility Where Cyberpilot was manipulating the robot vehicles was a portion of Brother 3 the entire time, and that Jemma was the one who devised the idea of destroying Brother 3 from inside the tower itself.She explains that when first she found Cyberpilot, the resistance had deemed him "Useful, but expendable". In light of his actions, Maria reveals that she has grown fond of Cyberpilot, while also calling him a worthy ally, thus deciding to use him for another operation.

The Resistance is attempting to storm the damaged Brother 3 facility; Maria tasks Cyberpilot with using the drone to activate the controls that allow Maria to switch control between the Zitadelle, the Drone, and the Panzerhund. Cyberpilot uses the drone to hack the first cockpit control terminal in the lab area, thus allowing Maria to Switch control from the drone to the Panzerhund, which Cyberpilot advances toward Brother 3 through the canal. The path is blocked by a body of electrified water, forcing Jemma to patch Cyberpilot back to the Drone in order to activate the second Cockpit control terminal. However the Nazis have discovered the ploy and are attempting to destroy the virtual cockpit. After dispatching the Nazi soldiers, Cyberpilot uses the drone to hack into the second cockpit control panel, allowing Jemma to patch Cyberpilot to the Zitadelle, which Cyberpilot uses to obliterate the Nazi squads in the streets while trying to track down the source of the electricity in the canal. Unfortunately to reach it he would have to storm the outer courtyard of Brother 3, but the access gate keeping the blast door locked is impervious to the Zitadelle's weapons. Jemma patches Cyberpilot to the drone once again, which he uses to enter the underground areas of Brother 3, weaving through the Nazis patrolling the area, to search for the power supply to the access gate. After bypassing the Nazi checkpoint guarding the generator, Cyberpilot uses the drone's hacking arm to overload the access gate generator, opening the blast door outside, allowing Cyberpilot to use the Zitadelle to storm the courtyard. Using the Zitadelle's missile launcher, Cyberpilot destroys the large battery responsible for the electricity, allowing him to progress through the water using the Panzerhund unhindered.

Upon reaching the entrance to Brother 3 itself, three Zerstorer robots appear and prevent the hacked Panzerhund from reaching the building. In the midst of the ensuing battle the Nazi security forces inside Brother 3 manage to disable the cockpit, damaging Cyberpilot and cutting it off from its hacked robots. The elevator keypad falls apart and the chair machine falls into the Command Center, forcing Cyberpilot to fend for itself. Upon exiting the destroyed chair machine, Cyberpilot is confronted with an onslaught of Nazi soldiers which it guns down with a pair of MP80 submachine guns. Maria then reports that the operation was a resounding success, commends Cyberpilot's efforts and asking it to join the resistance, to which Cyberpilot replies with an acknowledging nod.








  • Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is the first game since Castle Wolfenstein to not have boss battles of any kind.
  • Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is the first game ever in the history of the entire Wolfenstein franchise to not have William Joseph B.J. Blazkowicz as the main protagonist.


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