Wolfenstein 3D: The Claw of Eisenfaust is the official name and subtitle of the Japanese SNES port. It is the same game simply known as Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES and Jaguar ports of the game.

These versions include an all original storyline campaign for the game set roughly before the events of the original Wolfenstein 3D (a prequel to Operation Eisenfaust, and tells of William Blazkowick's original encounter with Adolf Hitler in Castle Wolfenstein).

The only uncensored version is on the Jaguar.

The levels themselves from this game were adapted and included in the 3D0 version as the Original Encounter, and on Mac as First Encounter/Second Encounter.

Behind the scenesEdit

Newspapers in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood make reference to B.J's encounter with Hitler in Castle Wolfenstein from this game. Although its implied in New Collosus that B.J. might have lost the battle in the alternate timeline.

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