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Wolfenstein 3D was originally released for MS-DOS on May 5, 1992. A second game, Spear of Destiny, was released September 18 of that year. The source code of Wolfenstein 3D, which also covered Spear of Destiny, was released on July 21, 1995.

The same source code files cover both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, due to large amounts of overlap between the two. Code for each game is intermixed, and the compiler checks if a variable named "SPEAR" is defined to determine which code is compiled.

Compiling Wolfenstein 3D[]

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Unlike other Wolfensteingames whose source code has been released, the license of these files appears to be in question. The installer proclaims that the source code is a "Public Domain Release".[1] However, there is also a LICENSE.DOC[2] which gives a more specific license, the "Limited Use Software License Agreement". An actual public domain release would be wholly incompatible with this, but it appears that the Limited Use Software License Agreement was the intended license and the "Public Domain" proclamation was only a misunderstanding by id software.


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