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B.J. fights Supersoldat in Cellblock.

Wolfenstein Prison is a prison complex located in mountains of Bavarian Alps behind Castle Wolfenstein. Besides keeping prisoners, the prison also has kennels for Rudi's Jäger's kampfhunds and the asylum section. The only way to get in and out of the facility is by the canal connected to docks behind the Castle.


Wolfenstein Prison is set in the mountains on the north of Castle Wolfenstein, to which is connected by water canal for trolley-barges. Between both structures the little patrol buildings are seen. The Prison, considering by bags with Über Concrete seen in some places, was built with that material. The Cellblocks are guarded by Supersoldaten and Kampfhunds. The cells themselves are just big holes in the ground to which prisoners are thrown into. Before B.J.'s escape officially no one has ever escaped these dungeons.

The compound also has kennels for kampfhunds, which Rudi Jäger in a cruel form of execution, likes to feed with prisoners, and the asylum section, where Helga von Schabbs kept mental patients to collect esoteric knowlegle.

The Old Blood[]

During the mission to steal Helga's folder, both agents, William J. Blazkowicz and Richard Wesley were caught by Rudi Jäger and thrown into cells in the Wolfenstein Prison. Some time later, Rudi came back for Agent One to take him to Castle Wolfenstein for interrogation. B.J., half-naked and bereft of any weapon, trying to escape the cell broke off the pipe and then with it climbed out the cell. Going through cellblocks he encountered many trolley-powered Super Soldiers which he saw for the first time since his being in X-labs. Going further he got into kennels and then into asylum where he saw Rudi Jäger. In Asylum he met Markus and others mentally ill patients and also saw Panzerhund for the first time. When he entered Prison docks Rudi was just leaving the prison with Wesley. Blazkowicz fought the way (with getting some weapons from the Nazis) and then also escaped to the Castle Wolfenstein by trolley-barge.