The Wolfenstein Wiki has Achievements!

This is a proprietary Wikia extension that gives users achievement "points" for performing certain good deeds for the wiki. They can be defined as falling into one of four categories:

  • Bronze achievements, which give the user 10 points
  • Silver achievements, which give the user 50 points
  • Gold achievements, which give the user 100 points.
  • There is also the Platinum level for 250 points, but these are only exceedingly rarely given, often by Wikia Staff themselves, and only one Platinum achievement exists under the domain of Wolfenstein Wiki administrators.

A list of users who are currently leading the pack with Achievement points may be found at Special:Leaderboard.

The achievements

Edit track
Badge-edit-0 Can I play, Daddy? Awarded for making 1 edit on an article!
Badge-edit-1 "Mein leben!" Awarded for making 5 edits on articles!
Badge-edit-2 Don't hurt me. Awarded for making 10 edits on articles!
Badge-edit-3 "Mutti!" Awarded for making 25 edits on articles!
Badge-edit-4 Bring 'em on! Awarded for making 50 edits on articles!
Badge-edit-5 "Mein Gott in Himmel!" Awarded for making 100 edits on articles!
Badge-edit-6 I am Death incarnate! Awarded for making 250 edits on articles!
Badge-edit-7 "Eva, auf wiedersehen!" Awarded for making 500 edits on articles!
Pictures track
Badge-picture-0 2-bit Awarded for adding 1 picture to an article!
Badge-picture-1 Sprite Awarded for adding 5 pictures to article!
Badge-picture-2 4-bit Awarded for adding 10 pictures to article!
Badge-picture-3 Texture Awarded for adding 25 pictures to article!
Badge-picture-4 8-bit Awarded for adding 50 pictures to article!
Badge-picture-5 Vector Awarded for adding 100 pictures to article!
Badge-picture-6 24-bit Awarded for adding 250 pictures to article!
Badge-picture-7 Master of the Pixel Awarded for adding 500 pictures to article!
Category track
Badge-category-0 Map Looker Awarded for adding 1 article to a category!
Badge-category-1 Map Reader Awarded for adding 5 articles to categories!
Badge-category-2 Map Interpreter Awarded for adding 10 articles to categories!
Badge-category-3 Map Drafter Awarded for adding 25 articles to categories!
Badge-category-4 Map Maker Awarded for adding 50 articles to categories!
Badge-category-5 Map Master Awarded for adding 100 articles to categories!
Badge-category-6 Game Winner Awarded for adding 250 articles to categories!
Blog Post track
Badge-blogpost-0 Rosie the Riveter Awarded for writing 1 blog post!
Blog Comment track
Badge-blogcomment-0 Volksempfänger Awarded for writing a comment on 3 different blog posts!
Badge-blogcomment-1 Minister of Propaganda Awarded for writing a comment on 10 different blog posts!
Wiki Love track
Badge-love-0 Medkit Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 5 days!
Badge-love-1 Cross Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 14 days!
Badge-love-2 Chalice Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 30 days!
Badge-love-3 Chest Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 60 days!
Badge-love-4 Crown Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 100 days!
Badge-love-5 Chain Gun Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 200 days!
Badge-love-6 Spear of Destiny! Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days!
Special Achievements
Badge-welcome Get Psyched! Awarded for joining the wiki!
Badge-introduction Id Software is... Awarded for adding to your own user page!
Badge-sayhi "AARDWOLF" Awarded for leaving a message on someone else's talk page!
Badge-creator Carmacized! Awarded for creating the wiki!
Badge-pounce Ambush! Awarded for making edits on 100 pages within an hour of the page's creation!
Badge-caffeinated Undead Awarded for making 100 edits on pages in a single day!
Badge-luckyedit One Up Awarded for making the Lucky 1,000th edit on the wiki!

Achievements progress

The Wikia Achievements extension comes with many achievements by default, however they all have generic default icons and names. An attempt was made to create Wolfenstein-related icons for the achievements, resulting in all the icons above. However, it is not in any way finalized, and any comments or suggestions should be made on the associated talk page.