The Wolfenstein wiki is proud to support a multi-cultural community. Reflecting this, we have multiple wikis connected together for various languages, and more are planned (pending the appearance of editors fluent in those languages).

The wikis


Wiki-wordmark PL

The Polish wiki at focuses primarily on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It is currently the most active non-English Wolfenstein wiki, and arguably the most complete wiki on the web regarding Enemy Territory pages. Administrators:


Wiki-wordmark NL

The Dutch wiki at focuses on all games. It is mostly inactive but users are welcome. Administrators:


Wiki-wordmark ES

The Spanish wiki at focuses on direct translation of the English wiki. It is mostly inactive but users are welcome. Administrators:


Wiki-wordmark RU

The Russian wiki at focuses on direct translation of the English wiki. Administrators:


Wiki-wordmark FR

The French wiki at is the newest member of the Wolfenstein Wiki family, focusing on direct translation of the English wiki. Administrators:


Wiki-wordmark DE

The German wiki at focuses on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, however there are not many articles and users are needed. Administrators:

Other languages

Wolfenstein Wiki exists in two other languages:


These wikis are inactive. User:Elecbullet is administrator of all of them. All users speaking these languages are encouraged to edit them, rather than create a new wiki.

I want my own Wolfenstein wiki!

If your language is not mentioned above, and you desire a Wolfenstein Wiki all to your own, create your own! Give it the name "Wolfenstein Wiki", the url "" (don't worry about error messages) and set the language to whatever you desire. Please let us know so that we can get it integrated with the other wikis!

If you're nervous about setting up your wiki, let us know so that we can help you, and offer administratorial advice. An admin should be with you soon enough, with advice, instruction, and guidance.


These wikis do not exist but are in discussion. They will not be created until a user displays a commitment to contribute to them.

  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Bulgarian

If you have more suggestions, let us know!

How can I help?

Apart from creating your own wiki, the best option is to edit existing ones. There are specifically a few things that can be done:

1. Write articles

This may be difficult if you don't know any foreign languages. You can, however, try copying content from Wikipedia, which is legal under Wikipedia's free Creative Commons license. Be sure to paste a Template:Wikipedia at the top of the page to link to the Wikipedia article, though!

Try looking for the following pages:

2. Create interlanguage links

Main article: Help:Interlanguage links

Interlanguage links are a great way to bring traffic to a foreign wiki. Add them to the bottom of pages and foreign users can find an equivalent article in their preferred language!