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"Captain, this is all a misunderstanding! We can work through this, can't we?"
―Schwarz to Wilkins, begging for mercy.[src]

Gruppenführer Wolfgang Schwarz is the main antagonist of the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus DLC The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins. He is in charge of the operation of the Sonnengewehr and resided on his submarine.

The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins[]

"You are a cockroach, Wilkins. A relic of a long gone era and you will not interrupt our grand achievement!"
―Schwarz to Wilkins via radio.[src]

Schwarz was a ruthless general in the German military who planned on operating the Sonnengewehr from his personal submarine to destroy “terrorist” activity in the United States.

When Gerald Wilkins cornered him, and was able to kill him, Schwarz warned him to throw down his weapons, or the first target to be destroyed by the Sonnengewehr, would be Ginny Wilkins. Wilkins not wanting to lose his daughter, threw down his weapons. Schwarz, in extreme arrogance attempted to fire the sun gun anyway, and laughed maniacally over Wilkins supposed inability to stop the death of his daughter.

However, he soon realized the Sonnengewehr wasn't firing as Ginny Wilkins had sabotaged the submarines radio communications system by disabling the satellite dishes of the submarine. Making it impossible to operate the sun gun in space from the underwater submarine on Earth. He then dropped to his knees and begged Gerald Wilkins for mercy only to be stabbed in the side of the neck by Gerald with his hatchet, causing him to bleed out and die very quickly because of his severed carotid artery.


"(in German) Today marks perhaps the most important event in the history of German Empire. You men gathered here today have been personally chosen to bear witness to the launch of the greatest weapon devised by mankind. Today, we launch, the Sonnengewehr."
―Schwarz on the speaker, announcing the launch of Sonnengewehr.



  • His outfit seems to be a grayish blue color in the comic cutscene, but black in game.
  • He has the same character model as Roderick Metze.
  • Schwarz's voice actor also portrayed Gerhardt Dunkel.