Obergruppenführer Wolfgang Statz is a minor antagonist in Wolfenstein. An important member of the SS visiting the city of Isenstadt for an inspection tour, he occupies a lavish residential estate in said city. He is also the supervisor of Oberstgruppenführer Viktor Zetta.

He is first seen in the game during the third side mission "Warehouse" and he is killed by B.J. during the fourth side mission "Officer's House". He carries a MP 40 machine gun.


  • He appears to be the same officer seen speaking to Heinrich Himmler at the end of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Thus, he is one of very few characters to be featured in both games.
  • The mission objectives from the journal for the "Officer's House" side mission repeatedly refer to him as General Kreig for unknown reasons. This may have been his original name that was changed during development.
  • He is the only Nazi to wear a correct World War II Waffen-SS uniform in Wolfenstein. All other SS personnel wear either heavy fictionalized uniforms or the infamous Allgemeine-SS black uniforms.
  • He can not be gibbed.
  • He has a mistress named Brigitte.
  • it is unclear who provided his voice.


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