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Workers (German: Arbeiter) are weak enemy characters in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Their ranks predominately include various Technicians (German: Techniker) and Engineers (German: Ingenieure), but also include Scientists (German: Wissenschaftler).


The Worker desiring to construct the various equipment of the Nazi war machine. While usually armed with a Luger, workers tend to be more timid around Blazkowicz and usually try and plead with him to spare their lives. Sometimes they can be seen surrendering with weapons in their hands, this may be an oversight. However, they will attack the player if soldiers are nearby or if they are in groups. In console-exclusive Cursed Sands campaign there is a scientist named Werner Schmidt, a member (and possibly a leader) of Afrika Korps Excavation Team/Dig Crew, who appears in opening cutscenes of Burial Chamber and Buried Alive (considering some letters and documents there were supposed to be more scientists, but he is the only one who makes an appearance). Operation: Resurrection version of the Cursed Sands campaign also features an Afrika Korps technician working on the motorcycles in the garage at the beginning of the first part of Ras el-Hadid (in Tides Of War there is just a small building with a few crates and an Afrika Korps soldier instead).


Like Officers, most of them will not draw their weapon until they notice the player. Backstab with the knife if you have a chance since most of them are focusing too much on the work so they don't take notice of you.