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The logo of the X-Labs, from game files.

The X-Labs are located in a cold region of Norway behind several fully guarded bunkers, which make up the entire Mission 5. The X-Labs were primarily used for creating X-creatures such as the Übersoldat, Proto-Soldiers and Lopers, in fact this lab is the primary development facility for Deathhead's "Übersoldat" project, essential for Operation Resurrection. Outside, the X-Labs were heavily guarded by the Black Guard, snipers, and even Venom-equipped heavy troopers. After B.J. fought his way to the main X-Labs facility, he encountered very little Nazi resistance, but he found X-creatures such as Lopers and the prototype Übersoldat. However, he managed to defeat them easily and passed to the main Übersoldat testing area where Wilhelm Strasse was waiting for him with the fully complete Übersoldat. B.J. was able to defeat the Übersoldat and fought the remaining workers that occupied the facility. Then B.J. tried to catch Wilhelm Strasse, but he was too late as Strasse escaped in a Kobra plane.

The fate of the X-Labs after the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is unknown.

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