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X-Shepherds are the "hunting dogs" of Wilhelm Strasse. The X-Labs science team took fresh dog corpses and fused them with spare parts from Proto-Soldiers. They are swift and agile to attack, and charge at their targets to take bites out of them. The turrets on their backs lose accuracy on large distances, but can shred you up if you're close enough.


Thirsting to employ the newly created X-Technology, Deathshead's science team crafted these nasty creatures from dog corpses and spare Proto-Soldier parts. These little demon dogs fire a turret-style gun from their backs, and also deliver a deadly bite. Though they do not appear to be rabid, treat every dog as if it were. Kill them on sight with a clip from the Paratrooper Rifle, or throw a Grenade at them.


  • One should shoot them down with rapid fire or destroy them with grenades.
  • When encountering a pack of these, the best way to take them out is by using the Venom Gun.