The Xbox 360 port of Wolfenstein 3D was released on the Xbox Live Arcade on May 31, 2013 for $4.99. It is a direct port of the original MS-DOS version, but with a few minor differences. It includes all 6 episodes from the original game, the same graphics and sounds, and the same 4 difficulty levels.

Differences among other ports[edit | edit source]

Although quite accurate to the original, this port has some minor differences in both graphics and gameplay.

  • Main menu is redesigned and looks more modern.
  • Music is noticeably much slower than the original version.
  • Your character moves much slower.
  • Things do not get pixelated the farther away they are.
  • Hit detection when picking up items works poorly. (You cannot simply back up into items to grab them, for example)
  • Removal of the red cross symbol on Medkits (the International Red Cross have been complaining about what they regard as the abuse of this symbol in video games). Instead, the pickups bear a red heart.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gameplay is identical to the original game. The only difference is the modernized controls which are Y and B to switch weapons, A to open doors, left stick to move, right stick to look left and right, left trigger to sprint, and right trigger to shoot.

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