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"We are shutting this place down, your services are no longer needed."
―Friedrich Keller (translated from German to English) to Dr. Oliwa.[src]

The outside exterior of the Asylum.

The Zakład Psychiatryczny Maławieś, literally "Department of Psychiatry Maławieś" (proper Polish spelling of the town: "Mała Wieś") is a Polish asylum which housed B.J. Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order.


Asylum interior[]

The Zakład Psychiatryczny Maławieś is a Polish asylum established by Dr. Franciszek Oliwa in 1824. It has been run by the Oliwa family for three generations. At the end of World War II, administrative control of the asylum fell under Nazi authority. The current superintendent, Dr. Krzysztof Oliwa, can only helplessly watch as the notorious General Deathshead's men came to claim the asylum's patients for the General's own dark devotions.

Asylum exterior[]

The Oliwa asylum is situated to the Baltic coast, not far from Deathshead's compound. The serene surrounding makes it a perfect retreat for patients with mental afflictions. There's a narrow trail leading from the asylum down to a short strip of beach, perfect the occasional summer outings.

The New Order[]

B.J. fighting Nazis inside the Asylum.

The asylum itself have kept many former Allied soldiers that have suffered stress disorders including Blazkowicz himself ever since the end of the Second World War. Many patients couldn't even accept the fact that Germany won the war. The Nazis have frequently harassed the asylum, threatening to have it closed down, until finally in 1960, the Nazis decided to purge all the patients. Mr. and Mrs. Oliwa died when they tried to protect the patients. The Nazis captured their daughter for sexual harassment. At this point, B.J. immediately recovered and fought the Nazis that occupied the building, saving Anya and hijacked their car to ride to her grandparents house for hiding.