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Zeppelins are enemy aircraft seen throughout Wolfenstein: The New Order. Two must be shot down during the final mission.


The New Order features more futuristic Zeppelins in the sky-box during the game. Two are used in the final battle with Deathshead to channel lightning to his Mech's shield. During the game, three are seen patrolling the skies in Berlin in the level Eisenwald Prison, and one can also be seen is the player looks up above where the truck is that the player must hop onto. Another Zeppelin can be seen in the cutscene on the way to Eisenwald Prison. They consist of a semi rigid body with a set of four fins on the rear end and three on the front. The front end has a command gondola with a searchlight, and the body has multiple attachments, engines, etc. The two seen in Return to Deathhead's compound differ a little in appearance, as they have two electrical prongs extending off the top towards the roof of the building. They also have cables running out of the bottom. The main propulsion engines are embedded in the vertical and horizontal stabilizers at the end of the airship.


The two Zeppelins featured in the last level are not hard to destroy. There are two 88mm Flak cannons perched on the sides of the upper levels of the back that can be used to hit the cylinder tube on the bottom. Be warned though, one cannon can't take out both because of the problem with its turning radius. The difficult part for the players is how to get to the cannon without dying, as Deathhead's power armour will hammer the players as they move. Because the cover will not last for long, its best that B.J. reaches the cannon in one attempt. An easy way of achieving this is to throw a tesla grenade at Deathshead, as he will start monologuing while his shields recharge. This should allow the player to sprint up the stairs without taking any damage. After they are destroyed, Deathshead cannot retain or regain his shield and causing the explosion opening up the launching bay inside the pipe of flammable of working facility.