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Zofia is mostly portrayed as the more hot-headed, aggressive and reckless of the twins. Like her father, she prefers to get up close and personal with her targets. She also a bit a dreamer and aspire to be a novelist.

Despite being a vicious fighter, she is still not as hardened as B.J. as she vomits after blowing up a head of a Nazi's soldier.


As the twins never experience real combat situation beforehand, she is not as efficient in combat as BJ or Anya. However, her rigorous and harsh training under both BJ and Anya is good enough for her and her sister to fight the Nazis effectively. But, it still hold some disadvantages when comes to deal with formidable foes.

Unlike B.J. and his wife, the Twins can speak German quite well.

  • Hand-to-hand combat: As a brawler of the twins, Zofia is a highly proficient close-quarter combatant in which she can use a hatchet to kill enemies faster and more efficient than Jessie.


Zofia special PEP power.

  • Devil Horns: Give extra armor for Jessie, performed by Zofia